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Flight Instruction

Robert Schapiro is licensed provide flight instruction in Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL), Airplane Multi-Engine Land (AMEL), Airplane Single-Engine Sea (ASES), Rotorcraft-Helicopter, and Glider as well as Airplane Instrument and Helicopter Instrument.

Ferry Flights

Robert "Bootcamp" Schapiro has made multiple cross country flights both domestic and international. He is available for move your aircraft to it's new home regardless of destination.


Not everyone needs a new flight instructor. Robert Schapiro is a mentor to many flight students with various different aviation goals. Everyone in aviation should seek mentorship - whether you're a weekend warrior, professional pilot, or military aviator.

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What people are saying about Bootcamp Helicopters
Jacob McDonald

Jacob McDonald

Flight Student

"Bootcamp Helicopters is a very professional organisation and would recommend the introductory flight to anyone. Rob was a fantastic pilot and was very informative. I am in the process of arranging with Bootcamp helicopters the starting of my private helicopter license."

N702TF at Steel Pier

Teresa Williams

Helicopter Tour Passenger

"I have never been in an airplane or helicopter before today. I was always afraid to fly. That was so much fun!"

Rafal Lenczewski First Solo Flight

Rafal Lenczewski

Flight Student

"Rob, I'm jumping in my car, I'm driving to Maryland [from New Jersey], and we're going flying. Clear your schedule"

Otto Romero

Otto Romero

Fellow Helicopter Pilot/Flight Instructor

"Don't tell me you're out flying again! I'm dying here at my desk."

Statue of Liberty

Frank Giovannone

Helicopter Tour Passenger

"This was the best birthday present ever. Can you teach me how to fly?"

Jody Moree

Jody Moree

Private Aircraft Owner

"Thank you very much for ferrying my helicopter to the Bahamas. You got the job done! You are a true professional aviator."


Adventures in Aviation

Flying Nina

In 2018, Robert “Bootcamp” Schapiro and his lovely wife had their first child, Nina Schapiro. Flying Nina is a blog about Nina’s adventures in flying. From her first commercial flight at less than 6 weeks Read more…

Bootcamp Lights

Bootcamp Helicopters formerly offered aerial advertising services under the branding Bootcamp Lights. Co-founders Kyle Benham (DC101’s Elliot in the Morning) and Robert Schapiro teamed up to create a new method of innovative advertising. They were Read more…

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